News: May 23, 2010

There are no current exhibits planned as I am completing this part of my work. I want and need to make room for what I am focusing on now: being a full time psychic reader, healer, teacher, and writer. Therefore I will not be creating an art career anymore.

If you have been an admirer or collector of my art, thank you so much for your support, feedback, and validation. I truly appreciate the many amazing people who have loved my work enough to live with it, and who have written to me to let me know how my paintings have touched them. 

The works on this site are all for sale. I have suggested retail prices for each of them. I also invite you to make an offer on any of them. No reasonable offer will be refused.

Due to the changing nature of my business, I no longer accept credit cards, but do accept Paypal, checks, and cash.

I will no longer be sending out an Art News email letter, but will continue to send my Psychic News. I do understand if that isn’t your preference. Please let me know if it isn’t, and I will be happy to remove your name from the list.

Thank you!