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Artist’s Statement 2010

My work is about spirit, energy, beauty, transformation, and healing. Emotion plays a major role, beauty is my passion. Spirit is key.

My recent work reflects the journey I've taken as an artist in the past few years. In 2006, I moved to a loft in downtown Los Angeles from my hometown of Chicago. I had already begun working in an abstract style, and it was the move to LA that cemented this commitment for me. Early in 2008 I took the plunge and began calling myself an abstract painter. As soon as I did this, I had the freedom to create from a new place of fearlessness and ownership. My work transformed before my very eyes. Suddenly, without effort, I was able to reach deeper to arrive at this new destination.

Many of my recent paintings are from "The Agents Of Change" series, inspired by the intense upheavals, destruction, and transitions happening around the planet, and in each one of us, right now. My awareness of the energy present in everyone and everything has transformed my vision as an artist. I am working beneath the surface in each work, with the intention to bring something up to feel, see, reflect on. For that reason, my titles are important to me. I can tell what I'm working on in myself by what comes out in my art. For example, "Invalidation Is My Bitch" is my amused response to that uncomfortable energy. "The Fires We Set" is a comment on how human beings affect each other by the choices we make.

As I have grown, my focus has shifted from outside of me to within, and the greatest task I have as an artist is to be present. I create with spirit, like great jazz musicians who effortlessly improvise.

I am inspired by artists whose work expresses emotion and energy, light and color. I love the work of Mark Rothko, Gerhard Richter, David Hockney, Jasper Johns.

My Technique:

I began exploring my technique, reverse painting on vinyl, while a student at the School of The Art Institute of Chicago, (BFA 1982). I use acrylic paint, which becomes permanently bonded to the vinyl after drying. This method has led me to some exciting discoveries, and is particularly well suited to the work I am creating. The surface looks both hard and soft at the same time; hard like an epoxy finish, soft like skin. The flexibility and glow of vinyl make it particularly appealing for a colorist. One of my artistic goals is to excel in my use of color. 

Painting with acrylic paints on vinyl allows for a freedom I don't experience on canvas. It is not always possible to see exactly what is happening, because of painting backwards. The results are often magical to me, and great surprises are possible. 

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